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You're working in a nice old school style of Hip hop beats, but it sounds fresh. Of course sounds like you're inspired by horrorcore, really feeling you're stuff. This is my favorite out of all your works however.

Gore-Hound responds:

thanks a lot man, i really appreciate your kind words.

dont mean to advertise, but if you like my shit, check out my myspace


Incredibly dope.

This sounds incredibly sick, reminds me of the more classic style of sampling and producing seen from early Hip Hop vets such as Marley Marl. The snares work flawless with this sample, sounds like a classic example of a "beat to break to". Anyways, check my PM! Really feeling your stuff good sir.

MWP responds:

Thanks a bunch brah. Glad you liked it. =]

Very Enjoyable...

Now, when I first heard this and heard the "clang" noise come into play over what I felt was a perfect sample at the start I wasn't really enjoying it. However, I listened again and understand; personally I don't see why the reviews below state that this is so repetitive? In terms of Hip Hop and music as a whole the thing that I enjoy most about your style is it feels as if you're writing your beats for a movie that hasn't been made yet -- sort of in the vein of how El P produces his beats. Very well done.

P.S. I'm still working on that track over your Heavy beat. Should be done by the end of this month!


Your lyrics are alright, however your rhymescheme's seem awkward. Well not awkward, just they sound odd to the beat. However, you have some nice lyrics:

"I don't support the war, but I support the troops"

Anyways, I'd just keep working with different rhyme schemes and such.

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OBIEakaAO responds:

thanks man, this is one of my old songs, but i agree with what your saying, thanks for the pos. review.


I found that the beat wasn't really all that amazing. The lyrics were alright, but compared to your other shit I think you could do better.

Drpositionz responds:

yea i appreciate the comment that was jus a freestyle we did it at da studio in like half an hour and the rest was a wrap, ijus put it up because of the fact that it was a freestyle and it was pretty sick da way it turned out...but good lookin anyway

stay up
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Oh, I enjoy abstract films and such. "You?" being an example of my love for that sub-form of art.

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